You need two things in life to be happy: great health and great relationships. Great food falls right in the middle.

I started cooking because my mom cooked. I wanted to be like her. I learned the skills, put in the practice, and was happy with the small things I could create.

But in college, everything changed. I started cooking for friends. Cooking became about making others happy. I was able to bring together people, to sit down together in a world where distractions never stop. We would sit down and listen to each other, tell stories, share secrets, laugh together at our problems, and just enjoy company. Strangers became friends, and friends grew deeper roots.

My cooking skills were terrible, but it didn't matter. As I cooked my favorite dishes, I learned how to improve them little by little. I was amazed at how quickly I could create meals that tasted better than restaurants charing $50 per plate. I learned that ingredients really matter. That simple can be great.

My husband Paul is obsessed with eating for health. He's tried every diet there is. He's studied biochemistry, nutrition, and psychology to help people eat better. With him, I've learned the importance of cooking in managing your health. But we're both amazed at how a tiny difference in skill -- the perception that you can cook good stuff -- has such a large impact in people's health. You are what you eat :)

Chef Club was created as a way for me to share my cooking with the world. I want to teach everyone how easy it is to cook great food. I want to show them how enjoyable it is. How important it is to their health, and to their relationships.

I try to share one delicious meal each week on Chef Club. I don't want to overwhelm you with hundreds of recipes, because you'll never get to them all. Instead, I just want you to focus on cooking once per week. That's it. Just one time.

I aim for healthy, Paleo-inspired meals that make you smile after every bite. You won't find diet-stuff here, because diet-stuff doesn't work. You'll learn that the most delicious meals are cooked meals from great, fresh ingredients. Once you start cooking, you'll look at other food in disgust. You won't be able to eat fast food anymore, or eat crappy snacks; they just won't taste good. Eating great food spoils you in a good way.

I teach important cooking skills through videos so you can easily add them to your repertoire and build your confidence as a chef. They're short and to the point. If you have any questions on the how-to's, you can comment straight on the videos with Instagram and get feedback quickly.

There are 4 steps I highly recommend following for the best experience:

Pick a night, and put it on your calendar.
This is cooking night. This is when you'll invite a friend over, or gather your family. My husband and I consider it a date-night. It's important that you pick a day and time when the week starts, and it's important that you follow through with it.

Buy your ingredients before cooking day.
If you don't already have the ingredients at home, it's easier for you to skip cooking. I usually buy my ingredients during the weekend from a local farmer's market.

Think of cooking like an experiment.
It's a new experience. Your testing and learning. Take photos and share your mistakes, successes, and delicious escapades with your friends online. Every meal is a new adventure.

Cooking isn't scary, and it shouldn't be stressful. You're doing this to enjoy life.

I love hearing from you. If you enjoy the meals, please share with me by sending a photo or a message. If you have suggestions, please let me know. You can always reach me on Twitter @cookchefclub, or on Instagram, or via email.

Diverti la belle vida,

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